Commenti To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T - Misaka Mikoto - 1/7 - Gekota Kigurumi ver. (Dengeki, Kotobukiya)

  • Hey, does anyone know when preorders are going to begin? Would like to cop this as asap. TIA
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    Here's to hoping pre-orders come soon
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    Now this is what I like, love seeing Misakas obsession with gekota in full display <3
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    Kotobukiya twitter: twitter.com/kot...
    「御坂美琴 ゲコ太まみれver.」は通常版と限定版で発売予定!
    Will be available in regular and limited editions.
    The limited edition comes with face parts with Gekota's hood removed.
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    I need this so bad, If anyone finds where to buy/pre-order this figure I would love to know
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    LuminousM Shiny Days
    New Railgun figure in this day and age?? I wouldn't have guessed if it weren't for the new season. She looks comf-and-pomf in one! Hope Koto delivers again!
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    That pillow is giving me Punpun vibes.....
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    HOLY!! I NEED HER uwu!!
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