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  • Im_Nice7615 giorno/i fa#94888685My proxy just sent me the notification that the seller shipped to the warehouse. I ordered through Taobao mainly using what I found in the pinned blog here. Did I mistakenly get a fake or something? No clue why she would have already shipped.

    Hu, very strange, could you know more?
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    Was wondering from those experienced with Amazon Japan, did they cancel pre-orders commonly like the USA one does? That would be a bummer.
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    assgardian12 giorno/i fa#95008826Everyday I regret buying her from AnimeNPC... seeing her still up for preorder when she shouldn’t be, I have a feeling I’m not gonna get her ):
    ppl were talking about this figure since january i dont get it
    but that would be messed up :o imo its nice but its delicate so I wouldnt want to touch it I already broke something close to 200$
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    LaraNgwin1 mese/i fa#93999547View spoilerHide spoilerOMG THIS IS SUCH A SMART SMART IDEA I LOVE FLOWER DECO
    my first inspo would probably be fake plum or apricot blossom branches! maybe even orchids cuz those are popular but mmm not as cute as wisteria imo. For important Chinese flowers, there are also azalea, peony, and Chinese rose but those aren't minimalistic enough for this theme. Hope this helps a bit!
    i was also thinking chrysanthemums or prunus (apricot) flowers but they sorta too yellow lol
    I'm a little late, but thank you for the ideas! I found out lilies and camellia are pretty popular in China too. ^_^
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    I want this so bad
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    Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥28,990)
    => Shaohua Hatsune Miku Vocaloid [Myethos]
    ~229.66 € / ~$270.53
    └ +5% Points on all Orders!
    └ Worldwide Express Shipping! ✈
    SirNimblyBottoms12 giorno/i fa#95013744Hmmm well I have been looking to adopt lately.....
    But I don't need to feed, clothe, or provide for my Miku.....

    Miku will never tell you “its just a phase dad >:C” or not pick up after dinner, so I’d also go with Miku tbqh u-u
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    SirNimblyBottoms The Lolimancer
    spacegreentea13 giorno/i fa#94975716Anyone willing to trade or sell, I’ll give up a kidney or my firstborn child lmk please :3

    Hmmm well I have been looking to adopt lately.....

    But I don't need to feed, clothe, or provide for my Miku.....
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    technicssb44012 giorno/i fa#95013160I wouldn't worry if I were you. I researched AnimeNPC a bit and they seem to be legit.
    Also she is still available on Amazon Japan, where I just ordered her a minute ago. In case the seller sends me crap then Amazon is gonna refund my munny. :)
    But he has tons of good reviews, so I think it'll be fine.

    Unfortunately there's been a lot of bad experiences here from many other users and also on the /r/animefigures subreddit due to understaffing from Hong Kong political issues. I guess time will tell but I am just crossing my fingers at this point I will get her (eventually).
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