Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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Currently looking to free up some space by selling a few figures that I am no longer in love with. All figures were displayed in glass cases and were either bought new or used from Amiami or Mandarake. I only have a couple of the boxes at this point due to space constraints sadly. The figures without a box are currently being stored inside ziplock bags carefully wrapped in cloth. Prefer shipping to North America. may be able to ship worldwide depending on the cost.

Nami ITEM #2177 No Box, $30+shipping/offer

Haruhi ITEM #4307 CIB, $30+shipping/offer

Nami ITEM #63424 and ITEM #103899 Both Sealed in Box, $45+shipping/offer [prefer to sell together, one has a crease along top front edge]

Nami ITEM #72245 No Box, $40+shipping/offer

Zoro ITEM #72246 No Box, $65+shipping/offer

Shirahoshi ITEM #91361 No Box, $50+shipping/offer

Nami ITEM #111723 No Box or Book, $50+shipping/offer

Caster ITEM #144275 No Box, Missing tarot card, $45+shipping/offer

Chopper ITEM #166894 No Box, $55+shipping/offer

Nami ITEM #173003 CIB, $65+shipping/offer

Ace ITEM #221019 CIB, sold

Nojiko ITEM #269840 CIB, $25+shipping/offer

Nami ITEM #269842 CIB, $45+shipping/offer

Zoro ITEM #269841 CIB, $55+shipping/offer Combine all 3 Child P.O.P.s for $100

Saber ITEM #498420 CIB, $160+shipping/offer [original run, bought used from Mandarake, arm that holds umbrella is kind of loose fitting so I never used it]

Nami ITEM #595796 and ITEM #595797 No Box, $40+shipping/offer

Mash ITEM #674830 CIB, $170+shipping/offer sold

Narberal ITEM #675224 CIB, $175+shipping/offer sold

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!