Part 1 - My Manga CollectionPart 1 - My Manga Collection

Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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I like figures but manga and art books will always be my number one medium when it comes to this hobby in general (in my case it's a passion). From every title you see I have a german or an english release or in some cases (like the manga by Sakisaka Io, Shungiku Nakamura, Hidaka Shoko, Ai Yazawa and many more) I have both of them :P

I still envy the french manga market, since it's the second largest worldwide after the japanese one! If you didn't know that by now ^^ Nevertheless the german market has some pretty nice titles that you can't even dream of getting in the States. On the other side, the american publishers have some nice manga as well. When mixed together they can give you a really nice collection.

The content of (almost) every title that has been published outside of Japan can already be seen online, that's why I'm mainly showing the outer design of the books, which can be awesome or simply gorgeous at times.

The content is always the same, regardless of whether you have the japanese, italian, german or spanish release. That's logical ne? :P Still I must say, that the US and the german releases sure kick ass whem it come to design and beauty of the covers / (book) spines.

I'm not a fan of the original japanese designs because the writing on the covers is most of the time overwhelmingly huge, not fitting or not really pretty (they sure don't look good to me). For releases in other languages the covers are better proportioned, lovelier and have a better balance when it comes to font size, characters or just how the pictures are scaned and put on it.

Pictures of the books themselves will come with time. Since my collection has over 1000 titles and because its constantly growing from month to month, it's quite difficult to upload fotos of them that quickly (since I don't have a lot of free time). However enough photos will follow :P

Now I'm just curious who read the whole text :P
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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