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stuff I'm trying to sellstuff I'm trying to sell

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get 'em outta my house

shipping from US
never been stored in sunlight, never had pets, never smoked etc.
all pieces are still in their boxes in near-mint condition

I bought these between 2011-2013 I think, but they've all been in storage since the end of 2014 because I moved. I've recovered them all and am looking to sell these, because my tastes have changed/I'm not in love with the figures anymore:

GSC Sayaka 40
GSC Kyoko 40
MF Luka 60

GSC Godoka 120 (pictures)

Godoka herself is like new but there is light damage on the blooming bow accessory. Please check the pictures for yourself to see the extent of the damage. It does not effect her ability to hold the bow up and is not clearly visible when being held.


all figmas were taken out at purchase and posed, like, once, between 2011~2013? but I realized I didn't like figma at all and sold most of them 2 years ago; these are what's left if you wanna buy

these Max Factory figma are $30:

100 Hatsune Miku Append
157 Scarlet Rain

DM me if you're interested/have any questions/want me to take some pictures
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chachachow je suis gomen
Oops! Forgot to leave feedback until now, my bad!

Bought White Rock Shooter package--and honestly, I feel she's totally worth it. Everything was in A/A condition, the game and soundtrack virtually untouched. Shipping was reasonable and reasonably fast, and Veto was a very communicative seller (even answering my inquiry while on vacation) :) Easy transaction, would recommend!

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chachachow je suis gomen
Hey there! Dunno if you're still active on MFC but you still selling the WRS figma package?
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