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This is a wishlist composed only of Akashi Kuniyuki merchandise that I still "need" and will probably never own.

At one point, my goal was to obtain every piece of official Akashi merchandise available. As the years went on, I accepted that is no longer financially feasible.

As of September 2017, I no longer collect:
  • Merchandise connected to the Hanamaru anime
  • Merchandise containing artwork of Akashi with other characters
  • Stationary, linens, dishware, and apparel products
  • Media containing Akashi's artwork/voice (i.e. CDs, DVDs)

However, those items will still be listed here. Exceptions may be made for unique or exclusive merchandise.

Feel free to solicit Akashi goods to me. :D
(I'm okay with fanmade goods as well but may be a bit pickier.)

ITEM #475550
ITEM #532147
ITEM #499362
ITEM #571543
ITEM #586646
ITEM #508433
ITEM #739058
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