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About this picture

What started out as a doll display turned into our Christmas Tree ^_^ Merry Christmas everyone!

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I love the Shana poster
2 anno/i fa
Beautiful! And that Cirno is just gorgeous!
5 anno/i fa
ErenJager5 anno/i fa#2551080vocaloid luka woops I just took a quick glance then another glance after and that's not her I think.... might be.... vocaloid faces tend to change a lot lol
I'm 90% sure you're right; I've seen that image of her and Miku on Google images before c: Just thought I'd add my two cents :>
5 anno/i fa
Woooow !! *_*
5 anno/i fa
The most expensive tree I've seen. However, it's one of the best.
5 anno/i fa
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
For a moment, I thought you tried recreating the famous first ending of Durarara with your Dollfies. This is still very nice though :D
5 anno/i fa
I'm speechless!!!! Wow!!! Nice Christmas tree and nice collection!!!
5 anno/i fa
haha yes it is Luka! :) And the tree is screwed into the ceiling so wont be falling over anytime soon ;)
5 anno/i fa
Everyone should have a Dollfie tree, the wow-impact is just amazing. I just hope its very stable, because IT would be sad if they got damaged with these acrobatism.
5 anno/i fa
ErenJager dad76
Ksreal5 anno/i fa#2550274Nice what is the poster with the pink haired girl above the Nendoroid's? vocaloid luka woops I just took a quick glance then another glance after and that's not her I think.... might be.... vocaloid faces tend to change a lot lol
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