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    Jan 12, 2015

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Perfect composition and beautiful figures!
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It's actually getting warm enough to start thinking about the beach. Nicely shot. Used it as the primer for this week's #figurefridaychallenge: Four - goo.gl/TC0GxX
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Beach shots are my favourite ones, and I kinda collect them. It's also a nice picture, thanks for sharing!! *^*
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Somewhat reminds me of the album cover of Sigma's "Nobody to Love". ^^
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Nice butt back shot.
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miki grabbing hibikis bum
i cant not see that as whats happening

also :C disappointing that their all the same height
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thanks all ^^
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Simply beautiful *__*
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Miki shouldnt be there, she should sleep somewhere else as she always does :D
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shinky5 anno/i fa#2597016ishika có vẻ thích biển nhỉ

=)) à, cùng kì đi vũng tàu mà, mình đâu chỉ đem 1 con đâu, chụp nhiều mà ^^
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