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Took me forever to upload this here but oh well ^__^;

Year 2014 ended nicely!
I made some impulse buys but everything was worth it so no complaints: got MH's Hisoka and HxH rubber strap´s, made a Suruga'ya order and bought some books. Hisoka has been probably my most wanted figure ever so when I found one that didn't cost over 100€ I wen't for it. A big surprise was that customs didn't caught my Eren figure (shipped from Ami) eventhough it cost close to 10k. After paying my order his price dropped so much but I'm not unhappy with my purchase as I was miraculously able to avoid the extra costs.

This loot also includes Christmas presents from my fellow collector friends AYA and YAV, thank you ♡

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*add this photo in my bookmark folder of firefox as fav it.*
nice loot/figures! xD
these HxH rubber straps is so adore! xD
6 anno/i fa
drowranger6 anno/i fa#2883816A great month of loot once again! :)
haha yeah, litetally Christmas loot it seem ^^

Milkbiscuit6 anno/i fa#2894049I have such need for the HxH straps
I wouldn't mind another set, or at least another Hisoka so that I could use the strap without worries >__> tho I do wish they had chosen another character here instead of Netero.
6 anno/i fa
Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
I have such need for the HxH straps
6 anno/i fa
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
A great month of loot once again! :)
6 anno/i fa
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