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    Jun 03, 2016
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    May 29, 2016 - Jun 04, 2016

About this picture

Someone should add those croquis Kirby sketchbooks to the database, they're really nice : D (And cute!)

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Thanks for all the comments & favorites! : D
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Set this as my banner! SUPER CUTEEE
4 anno/i fa
Cute :3
4 anno/i fa
Woooow good work !! :)
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Too cute. Too cute!
4 anno/i fa
My heart <3
4 anno/i fa
omg cccuuuuttteee
4 anno/i fa
thousand times better as the second picture on the start side.... :-)
4 anno/i fa
foo woomy!
Perfect! (#^.^#)
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Haha so cute :D.
Great photo!
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