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I changed the brightness of the promo pic twitter.com/cha...

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Thanks for all your messages! :) I'm glad to have posted the picture when I see you all excited! xD
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timeless544 anno/i fa#12935694Rin has already been released ITEM #331592
I skipped Rin because I already own the one by Alter.
But if Toyworks is going to release all the boys, then I will collect their full line, even if it means I will have duplicate Haru, Makoto, and Rin.
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Still hoping for a Rei and a Nagisa
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Thank you for this pic!! Hyped!! *-*
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darkrose4 anno/i fa#12903722Woah.. are they going to make Nagisa and Rei as well?
If they are going to make all, I need to get Rin soon.

Rin has already been released ITEM #331592
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Goddamnit. My wallet is never gonna catch a break.
Still though, pretty freaking pumped!
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AceTakanashi4 anno/i fa#12922471Native Aoba.

Fair. I just wondered, because I thought the same thing after the first one! :p
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Nagara_Venteel4 anno/i fa#12914150First Aoba or second Aoba?
Native Aoba.
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AceTakanashi4 anno/i fa#12899045Ever since the Aoba figure was announced, male figures are getting more sexy. Thank you Aoba. Thank you.

First Aoba or second Aoba?
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I 'm disappointed because manufacturer is toy's works.Painting is so unacceptable.==!oh no!
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