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    Jul 23, 2016
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Aiakos (2 anno/i fa) #13776835It's a good idea! I will probably do it! Thank you^^let me know when you post it (^-^)
2 anno/i fa
DanteMagica (2 anno/i fa) #13472824Could you do a tutorial on how you achieved this gorgeous photo?!

It's a good idea! I will probably do it! Thank you^^
2 anno/i fa
usagirudz (2 anno/i fa) #13319137freakkin awesome!!! what app did u use to edit? :S
Thank you^^ I used Photoshop for adding the snow effect
2 anno/i fa
fernandezekiel (2 anno/i fa) #13317515amazing!
LunarSkye (2 anno/i fa) #13318311The atmosphere in this is chilling! Fantastic job!
Jayde (2 anno/i fa) #13319060Very nice photo!
Muntoe (2 anno/i fa) #13321938I don't usually wow at photos on here but this is quite stunning, you've really captured the essence of this character in this photo. Amazing shot!
ronri (2 anno/i fa) #13324781Lovely Shiki is lovely~ *_*
kuroi_kun (2 anno/i fa) #13326794cool!
astarte952 (2 anno/i fa) #13327150Awesome!
Ayumi97 (2 anno/i fa) #13331140What a beauty
Super-Jupiter (2 anno/i fa) #13331246*___*
ptitange23 (2 anno/i fa) #13331291Wooooooow !!!!! *o*
Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!

dymitr (2 anno/i fa) #13346683Absolutely breath-taking.
kodamaanime (2 anno/i fa) #13348923JUST AMAZING!
Annon-H (2 anno/i fa) #13349266Nice and blue.
haleysong (2 anno/i fa) #13377917Gorgeous!!

Thank you very much to all of you! Your great support allowed me to reach this goal :D
2 anno/i fa
Lily51 (2 anno/i fa) #13299787Pure beauty! Exceptional lighting with great effect! ^_^
Zestorm (2 anno/i fa) #13304615Beautiful picture !
goldfries (2 anno/i fa) #13308501Love the mood for this one. Awesome stuff!
Dribz (2 anno/i fa) #13315230What a beautiful and atmospheric photo!
shiro169 (2 anno/i fa) #13316524Captures Shiki perfectly, dark and cold eyes
Reycoenma (2 anno/i fa) #13316534Awesome
Xiao (2 anno/i fa) #13316923Wow, she looks like a real person! ⊙o⊙

Thank you so very much! I'm very glad that you appreciated my photo! \^o^/
2 anno/i fa
Could you do a tutorial on how you achieved this gorgeous photo?!
2 anno/i fa
2 anno/i fa
Nice and blue.
2 anno/i fa
2 anno/i fa
Absolutely breath-taking.
2 anno/i fa
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