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Full album, including behind the scenes here.

Behind the scenes:
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Waterfall tutorial I found on how to make a waterfall. Basically, I referred to this tutorial and made a bigger falls using the same technique.

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A7xMad2 anno/i fa#31147065I am looking into how to light up her Gem base, any ideas?

Hmm... Unless you can somehow punch a hole under the base, and insert a small LED light there, you can grab one of those wall LED lights and just place it under the base.
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I am looking into how to light up her Gem base, any ideas?
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Looks great
3 anno/i fa
awesome setup!
3 anno/i fa
Well done! Beautiful photo! :-)
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She's so pretty! The set-up is gorgeous~
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so beautiful to look at her it gives you a peaceful vibe :)
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