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    May 30, 2017
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Final set for Saber Alter. I did a bit of customizing for her dress here based from an illustration I saw on pixiv. I really wanted to use satin fabric on her cover skirt, but the fabric store nearest to my place closed down already... |||oTL

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Fate/Grand Order - Saber Alter (Dress ver.) - Alter (1/7)

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Very nice photo !
The general atmosphere goes very well with the figurine!
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Very nice photo!
3 anno/i fa
Nice work !
3 anno/i fa
the queen is in the house
3 anno/i fa
3 anno/i fa
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
awesome shot and scenario!!
3 anno/i fa
this is truly worth for saber!
3 anno/i fa
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
So gorgeous!
3 anno/i fa
I like the fact this picture kinda feels Castlevania-esque, probably because of the red moon and the props inside the castle of the evil queen. Great job, Gale.
3 anno/i fa
WhiteXillia003 anno/i fa#21598338Hmmm... I recognize that cage. Did you get it from Michael's? Is that where you get most of your props?
And also, great photo!

Thank you! Yes, most of these are from Michaels, including the crown.
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