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lol, this is hilarious, good job!
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where did you buy those aligators? i love beating them on arcades
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笑尿 哇哈哈
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Ha ha, this turned out much cuter than my go at it lol! I love the idea at using the crocodile dentist crocs XD
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This is such a good shot, and a good idea, and really fun!! Knocked it out of the park, I love it!
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Aqua-bullying never gets old.

That's a really nice recreation of that particular scene. Congratulations for thinking of using the grouchy friend with a grievous toothache.
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Haha this is great, nice job!
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HAHAH just like one of the episode! Nice shot!
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Love it, look awesome and creativ!
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Very funny, great picture. :)
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