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    Jul 10, 2017

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omg i love this!!!
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may god bless your poor heart. Mine would be dead.
3 anno/i fa
Can totally relate. Every summon tickets I used is Essence. I feel like I have the worst luck ever.
3 anno/i fa
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
To anyone wondering, the author got unlucky and only got stat cards.

Shoot, I'd make the same face too if that happened to me lol
3 anno/i fa
lol! well done!
3 anno/i fa
I don't get it
3 anno/i fa
Yeah I can't stop getting spammed with these and Meridians ( -__-)
3 anno/i fa
Truly an horrible experience.
Those Saint Quartz are lost forever Orz.
3 anno/i fa
lol nice setup. Took me while to see the Wryyyyyy!, that is like icing on the cake. xD
3 anno/i fa
Damn, it's awesome xD !
3 anno/i fa