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Man, seeing Nyx up there...I think he is probably the best one from this series. His figure looks outstanding....I kind of want him now...

I'm curious, did you have to do any kind of "customizing" on your Noctis? His hair looks a lot better than mine, as mine's hair doesn't have the highlighting...it's more of a large black blob on his head that much resembles melting tar running down. I have did a couple of "edits" myself, such as painting over it with some dry pastels to take some of the crazy shine out and add some lighter highlighting, but from the pics I've seen that just doesn't seem to be an issue on yours....

Here's an shot I'd taken comparing mine (right) to the prototype right after I got him (before I did any "edits"), but you can see how his hair is just soo shiny and "stuck" together.

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Looks very dynamic!
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