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    Mar 21, 2018
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    Mar 18, 2018 - Mar 24, 2018

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Plays "After Dark" by Kung-fu Generation. XD

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2 anno/i fa
2 anno/i fa
Great pic with a nice composition.

For some reason, when I first saw it, I had this playing in my head.
2 anno/i fa
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
They're discussing how to Completely Saturate the Globe with Saber figures. It's not a matter of how, but when it'll happen.

But whatever you do, never talk about King Arthur's heritage and upbringing...
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Lehst2 anno/i fa#31658344...like the Cool-Aid guy?

Ahahahaaa! XD
Not quite. I was thinking like Ichigo in the opening theme. But Cool-Aid Guy works too!
2 anno/i fa
I like Bleach too. =)
2 anno/i fa
WhiteXillia002 anno/i fa#31629610*Gudako storms through the wall* ...like the Cool-Aid guy?

2 anno/i fa
Saberfaces discussing their plan to conquer the world, with the primogenitor sitting at the end of the table.

Great pic, love the idea! ^^
2 anno/i fa
Saber Grand/Order: The Nendo-council has assembled. Our first order of buisiness, how do we make Gale015 give us more snacks?

Saber Extra: We can just be "extra" cute when we ask for Cheetos and stuff.

Saber Zero: That's too simple. Gale will see through the the scheme.

Jeanne Alter: Why don't we just take the snacks ourselves?
What can Gale do to stop us?

Saber Alter: How come Jeanne and I are the only ones without Ahoges? We are just as just as important as the other members of the council. :T

Jeanne: What? Sorry. I kinda zoned out there for a minute. What are we talking about?
2 anno/i fa
They have made a unanimous decision. Shirou must give them a feast tonight.
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