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    Jun 29, 2011
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    Jun 26, 2011 - Jul 02, 2011

About this picture

Hey! This is my room with the most of my figures and stuff.
This photo is from march 2011, so there are a few new figures, so I will show somenew photos by time.
Some more infos about my room, my figures and myself on my weblog seviesphere.net
Feel free to take a look on my site :3

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Wow, really nice room!
Just if my room was that big.......
7 anno/i fa
awesume rooom! : D
8 anno/i fa
I actually work at Ikea xD My new room is almost composed by their stuff too o/ they sure rule for the prices, quality and design ^w^
9 anno/i fa
Paulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
Can I kick you out and take your place as my own? I've been wanting to do this to my basement.

Not figurine related, but one thing bugs me. Do you not have a closet or an entrance to your room? It appears that you are forever trapped in your wonderfully outfitted room. Not that I'd complain if it were me, just sayin' that sometimes it's nice to see sunshine, or leave to go to the washroom XD
9 anno/i fa
Hey! : D
I am really surprised by these many comments!
Thanks a lot for making my Room third Place by Picture of the Day yesterday! (~^.^)~

And yes, ich really love IKEA xD
9 anno/i fa
sehr schönes zimmer x) mal schauen wielange der platz für die figuren reicht xD
9 anno/i fa
9 anno/i fa
I must say, your collection of Manga is amazing and nicely organized. I like the figure's have their own areas, it's nice that the Lyrical Nanoha figures get the main top shelf. :) Only thing you need is a bigger tv to watch your anime on and your ps3. One other thing to say.... IKEA!!
9 anno/i fa
wow, such a spacious room
9 anno/i fa
Ja ich glaube so könnte meine Wohnung auch mal aussehen.
Sehr gut gefallen mir die "Ständer" für einzelne Manga bzw. für die Neptunia Box. Kann man sehr schön einzelne Stücke hervorheben.
Hoffe du bist ein Putzteufel... Weiß und Staub...... ^^
9 anno/i fa
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