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Сould not take this photo for three months, so it lost its relevance..
But friends told me that you just need to think that pumpkins are tangerines (or oranges, which you usually place next to a cup of tea with cinnamon on a cold winter night?) :3
In any case, I wanted to do something more "poster" and I can’t say that I like all the elements. Next time I’ll take my mistakes into account and try better.
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This is absolutely adorable. Great job!
5 mese/i fa
This só great , Nice tangerines xd
5 mese/i fa
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Yay, halloweensnow!

View spoilerHide spoilerМне альтернативная версия больше нравится :3
5 mese/i fa
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