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    Feb 14, 2020

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Since Valentine's Day is coming, I worked on a set for Theresa Apocalypse's wedding dress outfit called, "Rosy Bridesmaid" in the game. Made a modern Greek cathedral-garden and used her whole base as part of the set.

I camouflaged it using marble tile for the flooring so it will blend well with the send, and cake decoration pillars to match the Greek columns of the base and set.


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What a lovely setup! Was it hard to expose with all those white elements? Anyhow, the roses are a superb contrast.
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Teri Teri! Amazing as always!
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chachachow disaster zone
Incredible setup! I love the posing and the lighting here as well <3 Delightfully romantic.
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She's so beautiful ! Great work and pic ! :D
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Very cute and beautiful, I love seeing HI3 figures surface on this site ^^
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That looks amazing!!! xD
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