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Time for an annual update pic for my own posterity of my fate figma-scale(ish) collection (last year's is here PICTURE #2284274 )!

COVID changed my pattern, both for timing and location. I'm working from home, with less desk space, so I had to take a pic on my floor!

I don't think there's many changes from last year. I have both figma FGO Masters now. I upgraded my Gilgamesh figma to the re-release (which has some super sharp shiny gold compared to the matte of the first release). A bunch of summer Fate figmas have come out, it feels. Other than my old Gilgamesh figma, there's no v 1.0/2.0 replacements this year.

I did, however, finally finish my custom figma Illya! Someday I'll make a blog about that process too (took me many years)!

How to make Rin coat vers here: BLOG #30938

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Bringing the hobby to your door.

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