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The usual intro - when I buy a Nendoroid for customization, I want to know how all the parts break down. To share that information, I take photos like this! Today it's Roxas from Kingdom Hearts! He's not in any danger. (Axel, on the other hand, would make a great Zack Fair...)

FACE: Two very gloomy expressions with brilliant blue eyes.

HEAD: A very distinct hairstyle and a low hood with attached bangs. The bangs are glued in, so if you're planning to make a custom Org member, you can yank them out with pliers.

BODY: So. Many. Joints. And yet, no bent elbows. The skirt of the cloak moves, but isn't meant to be removed. The hood on the back can be removed. The dangly parts are VERY thin, and will probably break easily. The shoes have that big goofy Disney size and upturned toes, so you probably couldn't use them for characters outside the KH franchise.

PROPS: Two keyblades.

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