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san moro cominica mononoke_hime

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OMG so cool. Mine just came this month. I love it!
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This is very nice. The Kodama were Photoshopped in very well; they blend in with the environment and aren't too obtrusive to the real focus, being the beautiful San and Moro figure.
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OMG I like <3 <3 <3
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Raithos Stagnant
holy sheet I LOVE MONONOKE!
11 anno/i fa
Oh my....oh...my...OMG !!!! O_O Mononoke??? °A°
11 anno/i fa
Thank you for your kind comments.
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great picture, really nice :)
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Beautiful shot.
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Great picture! You make me want her even more.
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Awesome, looks really nice!
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