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bandai mg hg perfect_grade shin_kidou_senki_gundam_wing oz-13ms_gundam_epyon xxxg-00w0_wing_gundam_zero_custom katoki_hajime xxxg-01d2_gundam_deathscythe_hell_custom mms-01_serpent xxxg-01src_gundam_sandrock_kai xxxg-01hc_gundam_heavyarms_custom shin_kidou_senki_gundam_wing_endless_waltz xxxg-01s2_altron_gundam

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That is a nice looking collection fer sure! In fact, I just built the Serpent custom recently. Had one a LONG time ago, but who knows what happened to it, lol. It's a pretty nice kit for the age. I'd recommend doing that next, only took a couple hours with battle damage, weathering, and top-coat! (I have a pic of it uploaded but the lighting is kinda poor)
I'm really interested in the 1/100 MG's of D. Hell and Epyon, you'll have to let me know what you think when they're finished, I may just have to order them myself!
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