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    Jun 27, 2012

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My beautiful boy Chester passed away this week. This is my favorite shot of him, rolling around with Marisa in the grass. They both look so happy~

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What a good warm feeling picture between dolls and animals.
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oh my.. ! This is.... this is beautiful !!!!
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I didn't see your words below this pic in the first time... It makes me really sad to know that Chester has gone...

Nice shot, really nice... I must say again... He would be very happy to see this pic.
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Thank you so much for your comments, favorites and messages everyone. It means a lot because in some small way, I could share my lovely boy with all of you. I know it's silly, but this makes me feel like somehow he's living on in a few more people--even if you only see him for an instant, it's one more person who knew about him. The genuine outpouring of sympathy from mfc has been a bit overwhelming, and totally unexpected--I just wanted to share a picture of him, and ended up with a huge amount of support from the community, from many people who don't even know me. Thank you all so much. It's small, but this is definitely helping me cope.

Since someone asked, Chester was only 7 years old and was hit by a car. It was very unexpected and sudden, since he was a very nervous kitty and usually stayed far out of the road. This shot is my bf's, who took many lovely pictures of Chester, so I am happy to have so many concrete memories. I was in charge of holding Marisa and keeping Chester calm here, and they really did get along fantastically--Chester was a very photogenic boy, and was purring the whole time!
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Sorry about Chester's passing. I know how it feels loosing one's furry best friend. :( This is beautiful memorial for him and great testament to your photo skills. The poses of both are very natural.
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Wonderful picture, and I'm sure he's a wonderful cat. He'll have a lot of people thinking of him.
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oh my god, I'm really crying by looking at this picture. I feel so sorry for this kitty and for you. Another little angel going to paradise too soon...:(
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beautiful, i love it >w< and i love your cat too :D
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Lovely pic, but Oh Nooo, this cat was soo cute! What happened to him? I'm always so sorry and sad to hear a cat has passed away. -_-
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Lovely photo <3 And I'm sorry for your loss. At least you gave him a happy life
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