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    Jul 22, 2012
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About this picture

Can you name one nendoroid she has in her room? XD

****** EDIT ******

Those nendoroid boxes are papercraft, I scanned few of my nendoroid boxes and photoshopped a bit. Other furnitures are from Sylvannian Families.
Those One Piece tiny characters are part of my capsule toy (Sanji's) and used it for decoration. Printed out a Culture Japan to make it look like she's browsing something on the net using Sena's TV. ^^

Thank you guys for the love! Thanks for making it POTD. ^_^

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i really love the nendo box you made.if you dont mind can i have the one you scan so i can print it also?:)
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she lusts for kobato-chan nendo
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i love it! great job with that :)
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otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Those mini boxes are so cute!~
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Excelente trabajo 10 XD
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awesome !!! GREAT JOB !!!!!

Nendo: Azusa K-On!!, Oreimo Kuroneko

I can't see the others XD
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ZOMG meta nendoroids!
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I love Meat. One of the better blondes ;)
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I love your pic' ! Really :D

The furniture is so cute ! Where did it come from ? (sorry for my bad english :p )
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