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Ah yes, the spirit of capitalism. A never ending battle for the wallets of customers through fierce competition for financial gain.
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X) Awesome !!!!
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Aw. c:
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lol.....a monster wanna hugh too
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Pokeking709 Semi-Crazed Toy Abuser
She's doomed...
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cute and sarcy at the same time.
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Poor monster. I'd hug him.
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Thanks everyone!

chocophsyco8 anno/i fa#1048316i think your comics should be in a figure magazine or something like that XD

I would surely like to make a living out of this, haha!
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Madoka has someone undercutting her hugs price?!
Sorry, but I doubt that the newbie has that much experience giving out hugs. XD
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