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Aug 10, 2012

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They will hate you. Mark my words.

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love it ! really great pic :)
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Dat Pose...

Full of win!
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I love this picture! tsundere <3
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Kawaii looking angry makes most people ugly but it makes figures and anime very kawaii especially the nendos :D
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Those aren't all tsundere.
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thanks for dropping the comments everyone :D

lol tsundere grrl, a perfect title. I can use that as a title right? =D

that's actually a brilliant idea! dayummm

yes, ma'am, right away ma'am! *salute*

wowww i didn't know sana inui can fold her hands, damnnn, gotta start looking for her I guess...


once again, thanks for dropping by XD!
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Watch out world...It's the Tsundere Grrrrls Club!
They're all so cute together!
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tsundere, tsundere everywhere~
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all having the same post !! it kinda piss me off as all the nendo have all the staring ~ :P
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