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    May 19, 2009
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any change 4 years later ??
7 anno/i fa
Omg so awesome... and so many figures...
It's so beautiful TuT
Just a dream for me ):
9 anno/i fa
Wow. That is the most awesome display I have ever seen. You definately deserve those rewards.

Groeten van een mede-Aniwayer ;)
9 anno/i fa
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
I - I- am unworthy m( ̄□ ̄;)m

It's magnificent. It's like a jewelry store display. And, everything is just so pristine and orderly. I am so stunned by it. I mean - I don't even have a 1/3 of your collection AT ALL. Just - just - *claps*
9 anno/i fa
That is an absolutely gorgeous display!
10 anno/i fa
Amazing! Looks like one of those showcases.
10 anno/i fa
yakumo You said Nendo?
soon I will get another cabinet the same as the middle one
10 anno/i fa
Awesome room and collection.
And the mangas behind the showcase, I wish I had a similar room in the future ♥

10 anno/i fa
medi more than a tsundere-fan ♥
what a great room ^^ i really like the lights on top of the figurines ^^

also a very nice collection ^^
10 anno/i fa
What the beautiful room you have! I would love to decorate my room like this if i have a space
10 anno/i fa
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