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    May 26, 2010
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About this picture

Another add to Nendo X Movies series ^^;

Nendi (Jedi) Knights Alphard and Canaan face Darth Raspberyl ^^;;

Original setup sapphire-maples...

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That is so amazing!!!! XD Awesome job with photoshop as well! ^^
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Great photoshops skills! You've captured a dynamic scene there.
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Shiddo 一匹狼
I changed colors of clothes on computer to fit theme ^^
There is a link of original setup ^^
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I just noticed something, are both Alphard's and Canaan's some part of their clothes, discolored? =__="" Sorry, my internet connection takes up a lot of time to load up this picture.
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D: D8 (jaw dropping all the way)

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This pic is an A++++++++++++++++++ :)

Great pic!!!
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XDDDDDD great!!
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Baiken the Observer
So full of Win!
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Shiddo 一匹狼
Thx all ^^
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Osasaki Homu Homu
i dont know if i should squee at the cuteness or scream at the coolness o.o

very nice shot x3
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