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  • Picture of the day
    Jun 21, 2013

About this picture

My display cabinet, after clearing some figures and adding recently released ones =D

EDIT 1: Wow thanks guys for making this a Picture Of The Day ^^

EDIT 2: To those who's still wondering, this is a custom cabinet made according to my needs ^^
First, I calculated all the dimension for the cabinet and the acrylic risers. I also chose what materials I'd use for the cabinet (I chose glass, wood, and stainless steel), and what kind of lamps I'd want to use for the lighting. Then I made some sketch, and also planned on the arrangement of my figures. I prefer a simple modern design with clean and organized look.
After preparation is done, I gave the sketch and explained everything to the person who built the cabinet.

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how much you paid for this display cabinet`?
6 anno/i fa
Just wondering, how much did you spent on everything? (except the figures of course) btw great shelf! =)
6 anno/i fa
Great collection!! Love it,Just wondering how do you clean the dust..since it's quite dusty in here..
7 anno/i fa
Udon7 anno/i fa#1573096Great collection ! *u* Just one question,doesn't the line of the cabinet(don't know what to call it @.@) obstruct Madoka's beauty ?

It's the door ^^;

Bubztealuver1017 anno/i fa#1572640Where you custom make it???

I have a connection who can make it.. a friend of my mom's :3

Kitah7 anno/i fa#1571598You don't happen to want to post up the dimensions? :D
Fantastic collection by the way! :D

I already threw the sketch away so I don't really remember exactly ^^; but the total height is around 2m, and the total width is 1m. I think it's better to adjust with how much space you have left in your room :3
7 anno/i fa
Great collection ! *u* Just one question,doesn't the line of the cabinet(don't know what to call it @.@) obstruct Madoka's beauty ?
7 anno/i fa
Love the way you organized everything.
Motivates me to make a proper display cabinet as well! XD
7 anno/i fa
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Looks very nice. I wish I had one big cabinet instead of 2 slightly different shoved together.
7 anno/i fa
Astearica7 anno/i fa#1571399The risers are also custom made ^^

Where you custom make it???
7 anno/i fa
7 anno/i fa
That cabinet is awesome!!! As well as your collection =)
7 anno/i fa
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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