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  • lol nice bootleg.

    Next time shell out for a REAL GoodSmileCompany 1/1 Orange Cat
    3 anno/i fa
    what anime?
    3 anno/i fa
    Lazuli Sailor Muteki
    You have such a nice All-Mate! :3
    3 anno/i fa
    kitties are so weird aw <3
    3 anno/i fa
    Yay! Achieved one of the grails.
    3 anno/i fa
    What a cutie <3!
    3 anno/i fa
    Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
    IchigoMilku3 anno/i fa#19126950Your cat is living my cat's dream she wants to be inside my display case so bad and but I don't let her :P
    I just open a detolf and he came in :D I have space there because I dont see figures when they are standing there.

    Dem-Figs3 anno/i fa#19127850Wow, look at the detailsss! Was this a GK WonderFest exclusive??? :O
    Yes! :D

    nishikinomaki3 anno/i fa#19128375best damn figure ive ever seen!! so cute <3
    Thanks ^^

    Azukay3 anno/i fa#19129257What a masterpiece! Just look at those exquisite details on the fur! It is as if it's alive! ... Wait a minute.
    Yeah I need to do a review of him :D

    sarious3 anno/i fa#19131514I want one. Name your price.
    Thats my holy grail so I wont be selling it, sorry ;3;

    marukawa3 anno/i fa#19132820i love big ginger cats. QAQ <3
    Me too! I dyed my hair ginger too xD
    3 anno/i fa
    marukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!
    i love big ginger cats. QAQ <3
    3 anno/i fa
    1/1/ scale cat figure. Indistinguishable from a real cat.
    3 anno/i fa
    Alter getting better each day
    3 anno/i fa
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