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Student situated in Hong Kong, looking to go abroad for law school. Got into anime and figure collecting from a young age and will always have a soft spot for it, but now isn't really a good time for me owing to time, money, and space constraints and I will be putting up a sizeable portion of my collection (and helping some friends out in the process too with theirs) up for sale - we really appreciate your patronage.



Your inbox is full, but I'm still interested in the Yasugano no Sora and Jibril figures.
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Hi, I messaged you and I hope I can hear from you soon!
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Hello. I would like to keep discussing the sale, but your inbox is full.
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Harumoto Sakura, 1/6, Alphamax, Brand New - Bought! Great packing, fast shipping. Thanks!
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Hi your inbox is full. Yes I will buy and yes i will pay shipping :) send me a pm when your inbox has room thanks!
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Bought a figure from this seller and can definitely recommend. Quick to respond to messages, prompt shipping and overall great buying experience.
Thanks again!
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+rep very nice and reliable seller

Bought a Saber Lily Distant Avalon and it came in quick and in great condition. Seller was very nice, would buy from again!
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Bought a figure (saber last episode wing) from this seller, the price was great, shipping wasn’t expensive at all and was quick. Figure came in perfect I would buy again from him
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Bought 2 figures from this seller and got a great price, shipping was quick and was quick to respond.
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First time buying from them person, couldn't recommend more!
Very fast/prompt responses and shipping
Great packaging and merchandise arrived in brand new/sealed condition as stated in the ad
Would buy from again and hope you do too!
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Graduate Student
Does manga count?
Granblue Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh (OCG)
Anything jazzy