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A riguardo

Art student, gunpla lover, sleep schedule ruiner.

-art student
-hates movie theaters
-almost 100% dedicated vegetarian
-blender owner
-I think VII and IX are the best Final Fantasy games
-have always wanted a pet iguana
-giraffes are my favorite animal
-Titus Andronicus Forever
-pineapple on pizza is my religion

Currently Playing
Pokemon Moon- 3DS
Phoenix Wright: Justice for All- DS
Mass Effect- PC
Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker- 3DS
The Last Guardian- PS4

Currently Reading
Invisible Cities- Italo Calvino
The ABCs of Socialism

Currently Watching
Patlabor OVA

Currently Schooling
Advanced texture and lighting



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do you happen to have naegi still for sale?
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Hey saw your ad for your momohime. If your still selling pm me. Your inbox is full.
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Hi, I'm looking at your Kirigiri and can you PM me about it?
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IX are the best Final Fantasy games

this is very true
is naegi 70 with shipping or is that without? ^^
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Hey there, your inbox is full, shoot me a message when it's emptied out, looking at your Allenby
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Happy Birthday
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Did you get my PM from a few days ago about the touken ranbu nendo you have for sale?
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Acid084 anno/i fa#7404369I totally agree! Homura tends to get all the attention but Sayaka's story really hit home for me. Insecurity, shyness, hiding your feelings. I FEEL THAT.
Also you're a Persona fan! It feels like we've been waiting for P5 for 100 years at this point.

I agree. I love Homura a lot (especially after Rebellion) but I could relate much more with Sayaka. I'm so happy she took control over her grief in Rebellion ;_; It's really inspirational to me.

Oh man, my excitement for P5 is at like 0 but I'm know it'll change when we get an actual release date. In the meantime I'll keep asking my parents for a PS4 for birthday/christmas lol (I know its on PS3 too but y'know)
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Acid084 anno/i fa#7375572Thanks for accepting! Always nice to see more Sayaka fans :')
Yes! I try to avoid fandoms generally, but it seems people either love her or hate her ;n; I really relate to her struggles in the series, so naturally I love her!
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Gundam, K-On, Eureka Seven, Madoka
Mother series, Trails series, Danganronpa, Zero Escape, Katamari, Zelda, Persona/SMT
punk, alt, hip hop


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