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✧・゚:*  Sports Manga ♥  *:・゚✧
Tezuka Kunimitsu is 100% my type (/ω\)

Hi everyone! I have been collecting figures since around 2006, but finally just got around to making an account on MFC recently. I am a huge sports manga/anime fan and I'm 100% Tenipuri t r a s h. If you love Prince of Tennis hit me up/send me a friend request because I have a lot of feelings ;A; Tezuka is ruining my life and my wallet xoxo

I'm currently reading: Yowamushi Pedal
I'm currently watching: Daiya no Ace






MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Happy birthday!!
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MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Happy birthday, dear!! Hope you have a good one!
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MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Hahah no worries! Sometimes it also takes me a while to answer...
Yay! Glad you downloaded it and are enjoying the game~
I haven't been playing a lot for this event, I don't have enough time TAT and this event is kinda annoying comparing to previous ones xP ahhahaha
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MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Yeah I do!! Hhahahha it's been a while lol
Aww.. I understand what you mean, but the game is so nice hahaha XD I've been playing ever since the release date! I do suffer a bit with gachas and events though xD
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MelKeigo Honey Fairy
I'm doing well too ^^
Thanks for accepting! <3
Hahah thanks! I just love Atobe xD
I guess you're playing tenirabi too?
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MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Hello! How are you doing? I noticed you're also a Tenipuri fan so I sent you a FR if you don't mind!! Nice collection!
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Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
Thank you so much for this *OOOOO* ♥ ♥ ♥

And sure thing! I love to help ♥
You have Skype, discord etc? We could add there and chat there together ^~~^
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Yuri On Ice!!!, Free!, Digimon
The Prince of Tennis, Daiya no Ace, Haikyuu!!, Whistle!, Sailor Moon
Punti MOE
Tezuka Kunimitsu, Glasses, Deep voices, Long hair, Long pageboy haircuts omg (´つヮ⊂), gentle bois