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I suppose I should write some about myself here

I'm just a normal guy who likes figures (obviously), playing games, creating games, draw comics, watch anime, writing short stories and many other things.

Figure collecting:
I have collected figures for almost three years now (started April 2011), but I always wanted to buy figures long before that. I often used to browse through figures in different web-shops but I always thought that the prices were extremely high. But after watching "High school of the dead" and discovering this figure of Rei; ITEM #5066, I just had to get her. I didn't find her at a reasonable price anywhere though (except in one store, but they didn't ship internationally :/ ).
After some searching I gave up and ordered another figure of her ITEM #48402 (even though Rei's not my favorite character of the show), I also bought MH's Sheryl ITEM #26555 and Alter's Asuka ITEM #36094 in the same order. So they were the very first figures I ever had. I still remember how excited I was when I opened the box when it arrived >w<
I really loved them (Rei was a bit "meh" though :/ ) and just some time later I ordered Ren ITEM #1222 from eBay. After that I was hooked and started to stalk HLJ and AmiAmi for new releases ^^
My collection consist mostly of scaled figures for now, but in the past year I have also acquired a few Nendoroids.

I don't think there's anything more to say...

BTW; I'm also on MAL:
Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead
"The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" by Douglas Adams and "The Witcher saga" by Andrzej Sapkowski
Splatoon and more o3o
Classical, J-Pop, Soundtracks, Symphony metal etc.
Macchina fotografica
Sony Alpha 100k, Phone (HTC One)
Yeah, I have a few of those too... :p

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Your inbox is full so I am trying to reach you here :P
Could you open some space so we can talk in private messages?
22 giorno/i fa
I've been well, just finished up my first semester of college. I'll go back in the fall when it's free. All I'm doing right now is working, not as much as I want to but it is all good.
I'm going to try to get my C+ certification while I'm out of college.
How are things on your end?
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Yo, I wanted to drop by and say hi. Hi!
1 mese/i fa
your inboy is full so im writing you here:)
i think you are selling your 1/1 kyuubey, is that right?
i would be interested:)
10 mese/i fa
Amb (1 anno/i fa) #13426779Happy Birthday friend!
Kittens everywhere!!

Thank you kamerat.

Kittens and cat girls for everyone, hazah.
1 anno/i fa
Don't forget about my present when you go to Sweden. You promised! o3o
I'll make it up to you
1 anno/i fa
less than 8 weeks (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
2 anno/i fa
was fun playing Splatoon today. <3
2 anno/i fa
Thanks, but it's not much of a celebration without you. We should have cake together in honor of both our birthdays.

See you soon! <3 :3
2 anno/i fa
Happy Birthday...Watch out for bears, sneaky bastards...
2 anno/i fa
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