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Kurumi collection


Kurumi I own18

Date A Live - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/8 (Griffon Enterprises)Date A Live - Tokisaki Kurumi (Taito)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/8 - Swimsuit ver. (Griffon Enterprises)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - Nendoroid  (#466) (Good Smile Company)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 (Alphamax)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 - Clear ver. (Alphamax)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/8 (Broccoli)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 - Wedding ver. (Pulchra)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 - Seifuku ver. (Pulchra)Date A Live - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 (Kadokawa)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 - Wedding ver., Pink (Pulchra)Date A Live - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 - Lingerie Ver. (Alphamax)Date A Live - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 - Fantasia 30th Anniversary Ver. (Kadokawa)Gekijouban Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/8 (Alter)Date A Live III - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 (Kadokawa)Date A Live III - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/12 (Pulchra)Date A Live III - Tokisaki Kurumi - Lulumecu (Pulchra)

Date A Live i want13

C.C. collection




A riguardo

Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am an absolute fan of anything Date A Live, C.C. and Hatsune Miku.
C.C. has been my waifu ever since I've fallen in love with her after watching Code Geass as my first anime about roughly 10 years ago now, but kurumi has grown very much on me and is in a very close 2nd place more like 1.5.

I love talking with people and helping wherever I can so don't be afraid to send a friend request or send me a message, I promise I won't bite hard. Any questions about my Date A Live collection are welcome of course as I take great joy in talking about them

And lastly here are my current projects/goals
Collecting all Kurumi figs - Finished aside from new PO
Collecting all Date A Live figs - 2 left
Collecting the Hatsune Miku figs I like - god knows how many that is
Collecting the C.C. figs I like and build a shrine for them

24/02/2020 C.C. shrine finished

Thank you for taking the time to read this



Thank you :D
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Thank you~!
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Hello, thanks for the friend request.Love your kurumi collection <3

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ty asph!
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Thank you luv <3
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Thank you for your opinion!!!!
The reason i asked you was because you are so biased for kurumi who better to ask XD.
I was also thinking about collocating all the kurumi's like you just getting the recolors that i liked but always getting any new ones since money isn't a issue. Just wanted to know how i want to move forward in collecting the rest since i already own most of them but i few that i thought i didn't want and ones that were out before I started collecting. So now I'm going to try to give it my 100% i have to find those griffon Enterprises figures wish me luck.
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I have a question what do you think about all the recolors of the past kurumi figures. I have almost all the kurumi's x3 but a few but i don't know if i should be getting all of them. For example the Lingerie Ver. from Alphamax I got her orange version over the black one but i still feel like i should have got one. I am in the process of trying to get the older ones from Griffon and such then id only have some recolors to get do you think they are worth it? (ps. I did end up buying all three cat kurumi's)
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At the moment just generic Joey#5666 XD But if you ever want to chat about anything there I'm more than happy!
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Date A Live enthusiast
Nightcore, www.youtube.com (My Vocaloid playlist)

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