My username should be Reifan not Asukafan
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Nice collection
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Hey Asuka (Rei and Misato) fan lol,
Sorry I answer here to your message because my outbox is full and I have to sort the messages.
Yeah, I saw that! This new Rei project from Alter is quite heavy news! The design looks super cool. I didn't see that illustration before.
I'll stay tuned. Imagine if they do a Misato as well!!! Misato by Alter ! Let's hope.
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Either way cheers for supporting me supporting anime haha :P it's a nice change from the usual disapproval!

That does sound very wrong, hopefully someday I can contribute as much as well lol

Anyways, I mean there is nothing to disapprove really (Ara ara>loli). I wouldn’t bother saying anything at all if it was mostly loli stuff but anyways. I would rather see people spend money on waifus than overpriced T-shirt with a printed logo on it so... I look forward to ypur loot post with a LEGION of bunny girls
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Aye true that, become a drop with me so we can both drip together...or something like that (boy that sounds pretty wrong huh) xD

Either way cheers for supporting me supporting anime haha :P it's a nice change from the usual disapproval!
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Hey, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately piracy is a 'necessary evil' because there are 2 sides of a coin, the other side being devs who don't respect the consumer by making all sorts of promises and not living up to most/any of them (essentially a scam/cashgrab) are far too prevalent nowadays as well. Problem is that a large share of the consumer side ends up doing the very same disrespectful thing by not buying x product they pirated if it was actually good, because people tend to do what they can get away with and neither side can really be regulated.

To be honest with you, I think of my contribution as but a drop in a vast ocean at this point (the ocean representing the severity of the issue) so with both sides d*cking each other over at this rate, it's more a question of when the total collapse of good/original content will happen rather than if. It's more of like a personal 'satisfaction' to me to be a honest consumer, like when that moment happens at least I can say "Well, at least I wasn't responsible for it". Which is of course, just a silver lining because the overall situation is a negative one.

Ah and there are so many factors which complicate things from a 'trying to solve the problem' outlook, such as localization issues due to each country having different laws like regarding censorship / regional pricing etc, and not being able to be transparent about advertising x product due to the Chinese having carte blanche regarding copyright and just rip + copy it if a content creator tries to do so, or the active extinction of 'real' fandom...Heh I feel kinda bad telling you this though, like I'd love to be positive but yeah. Reality huh xD

Regarding usage as a currency, in a way it's nice how we're starting to see people realize that what we value as a currency completely comes down to our opinion/acceptance of it ever since the dollar stopped being backed by the gold standard. Like "paper money bad, crypto good" and just look at the huge effect that had. You can already see the transition in people exchanging an upscale of paper money for paper cards (Pokemon MtG YGO) as we speak, which ironically has more value (print limited) while having the same size convenience as paper money. People make the mistake of thinking back on the days of old when bartering was a thing, but don't realize that that generation has long gone extinct while the modern generations greatly value these newer 'trading commodities' which didn't exist back then. Can't rule it out I say! :P

Also yep I'm buying 1/4 figures almost exclusively nowadays, unless it's a figure from a fav artist of mine :) I also totally agree on your sentiment regarding the Erina bunny. She is freaking perfect, hehe.
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Yes, I find very important to know and like the character I buy a figure from, in addition it helps to keep control of the expansion of the collection! I only made an exception for Yae Sakura mandarin gown made by Apex (for the same reason that you mentionned) because I don't play games. But before purchasing I checked the background of the character!

It's indeed better to avoid the slippery slope you're talking about. Personnaly I have never been attracted by Fate/Saber (fortunately??), and I had never been attracted by bunnies because they aren't accurate to the character's appearance in the source material, but I'm going to make my first exception for Alice Nakiri ITEM #1042690, if the final result is attractive. Strange that I have a different feeling with this character: I 'm more excited by this 1/4 bunny ver. than by a potential future scale of her in her usual outfit.
On the contrary I'm not interested in most bunny ver. of other characters because I prefer figures in their usual outfits. I really hope that I won't make too much other exceptions in the future!!

Thank you very much for your opinion about my display. I agree : I attach importance to having a clean setup. If you liked the display boxes: ATM I'm waiting for 2 custom bigger display boxes but there is a severe delay. I'll write an article when I'll have them installed.

About your comment on your article:
Funny about Made in Abyss. I checked the synopsis and I find it interesting.
Attempting an anime convention was a unique experience. I did it only 2 times: in 2018 and 2019 in Paris. 2020 was cancelled, of course, and I cross fingers for this year. That's a unique opportunity to see pieces like this Eva unit in real.
Couldn't agree more on the tsunderes and the legitimacy that Asuka brought to this type of character, and also on her famous Anta Baka!!
Shows with as many well-written characters as Evangelion are rare, it has definitely shaken the codes. Hard to stay insensitive to Shinji's questioning, Asuka's trauma, the impassive Rei and the fatal Misato!
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I agree about the lack of good Rei sculpts. I found this one not bad ITEM #919610 but nothing compared to the one by UC, and I also prefer the original suits.
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Thanks, I understand your point of view. I first went for the standard ed. and just later the limited was announced. I changed for that one, even if it is less close to the source material, because I found interesting that this one would contrast next to the other Evangelion figures in my collection.
I really hope that UC will do a good job on this one. I was not disappointed by the other figures made by them that I already own and I considered that, since this set is sold by the Eva store, UC have to perform well... fingers crossed.
I didn't use a proxy: I ordered it from Nin Nin Game.
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Great. Congrats for the order of the Twinmore set by UC!
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Thanks for the FR! Always open to new friends here haha.
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