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Your inbox is full i cant send a response pm
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Deine Inbox ist voll
Wollte nur sagen, dass ich dir eine Freundschaftsanfrage per Facebook geschickt hab
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your inbox is full :p i tried to pm you....
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Strife212 Original Blue
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Strife212 Original Blue
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ok i decided after someone else messaged me to give the order to that person, who is certain to take her

Im sorry!

Good luck with your hunt tho
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Your inbox is full ^^" cant reply

But you could just send me your old email thats fine i can always edit later on.
Best for you is to ask paypal directly by contact form and ey can help you or else theres a phone number as well

But at least i know im certain that you take her? :)
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hello there!

Wondered if youre willing to part with ymir, chua astram or shinobu or mine tepes? ( especially mine tepes ! )
As well as the ineresting lotte mousepad if shes still in good condition

Shipping to the netherlands

Pm me or drop me a comment on my profile
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Break7 anno/i fa#1189239yes, long time no see! sory for the late answer.
yeah, itlooks okay, btu not very well done, huh?

Np. :D
True, true! But I thought it looked ok for that price. (But yeah, good quality is better. XD)
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Break7 anno/i fa#1190666Vocaloid7 anno/i fa#1189436Oh, the sweet irony of you living in Germany ._.
sweet irony is that I have JUST started taking German lessons...
I'm doing well, languages progressing nicely and college is going smoothly, still not sure what I want to be in the future though...
Any figures caught your interest?[/quote
huh, intersting. and where are you from?
well, soem figures picked my itnerest.. all those in my "wished" section XD
or idd oyu mean from your collection? Rin is pretty neat, as is Momohime,Homura, and Horo...

I'm a female living in England, what gender are you? (hope I'm not being too...pushy about asking things, please tell me if I am)
Mokou and Misaka Mei caught my eye recently, both by Griffon so that's surprising, as Griffon normally sucks, but it looks like they've stepped up their game recently.
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.




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