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  • Sorry for my late replies
    I just opened MFC in like a month. I have my finals (med school) exams coming up so I have been pretty busy with online lectures and trying to catch up and stuff xD sorryyyyy
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    Thanks. ❤️
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    Hi Chloe,
    I'm active again on MFC after being gone for over a year now. I just added you again as a friend and thanks for your comment after all.
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    nee die Louise heb ik niet meer, sorry!
    Wel gelijk m'n bericht aangepast :)
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    so sorry! i send a lot of friend requests and didnt realize i sent multiple to you over time >_<;
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    No problem at all! I totally understand, I didn't even think of that (and I of course would've paid shipping, I'm not that crazy to assume free international shipping x_x), I just wanted to check.

    Good luck with any sales you currently have!
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    I came across your pretty interesting article on marie kondo collecting and I really liked it! Now today I was looking through figures I wanted and came across your profile again! Just tohught it was a fun coincidence. Anyway, just wondering if you're still up for selling Melty let me know. I recently ordered her for $75 and free shipping but it has been 15 days and the seller has yet to ship her. I can do around that price range. But if you changed your mind on selling her I perfectly understand :-)!!!

    Have a nice day<3
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    Oh I am sorry to hear that, I hope you're okay, is there a specific indication for that MRI or?
    Yeah I am going to pay my POs off to and take like a break xD I haven't seen anything that interests me lately anyway.
    I might end up buying the rest of the witcher nendos if I find them for a good deal but I dont think I will right now.
    Honestly I think it's better if we talk on FB messenger since I dont even check MFC these days because of uni's work and stuff xD but its up to you
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    Hello, I am great thanks for asking :) Hope you are well too. I am just really busy these days with Uni and some personal issues, anyway I hope it will be fine now, thank God I pulled through it.

    I haven't really been buying any PVCs or non scales since my last experiences were just bad, I have been constantly getting inferior products compared to prototypes so I decided to abandon PVCs for a while. I am mainly interested in resins now and like big scales, but these are not found here since they are unlicensed chinese resins lol.

    Ciri yen will be very cool to the collection, maybe they will add dandelion and the rest of the gang, congrats for picking yen up :)
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    Thank you <3
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