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Wanna get into vocaloid music but dunno which songs to start? Check out this post I've made to gradually ease your way in: thread/16834

Vocaloids are my life: I adore all vocaloids but mostly Hatsune Miku ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

After that, I just like any cute characters, regardless of series or franchise (≧▽≦)




Hi, I’m waiting for FREEing to release saber ruler bunny figure picture/2350561...

On Celia bunny site, I stated Celia bunny is at 90% accuracy due to her some part are too big, see it urself and notice it, also quote prefer Celia standing version ITEM #872816, also mention only die hard fan will order her...

So u will displayed Celia naked... well guess u can... but u not worry about people coming over and see her like that ???

My vision of Celia bunny is in her excellent original box sealed/unopen... brand NEW!!!
Just like when u see it at the store, so excited... ;p
10 giorno/i fa
i got it from Nin-nin-game, but u can still order it from lunar toy store, the price went up again, Celia bunny is getting very popular and u better hurry and order her fast, just look at her with armor version which is 3-5X the price now ITEM #543897, celia bunny will be 1,000 in the future due to her being Native/Binding very limited version, which no Re-run...

my thought is to have one celia bunny on displayed and one for seal/never open/Brand New, is the reason i want 2 Celia bunny
11 giorno/i fa
Hi, good news I some how got a 2nd Celia bunny 1/4 scaleITEM #872816, it was sold out after I preorder her, my guess it was the last one after 3 hour web store Announcement, feeling lucky ;p I high recommend u get her...
12 giorno/i fa
Hello! Hope you're doing well even with the long hours and are still safe!

It's going fine with the apartment. Most of our everyday stuff is assembled and we're busy with the last regular stuff their boxes. Want to soon get to hanging all the frames on the wall, clocks, decorative lamps, you know, the stuff that makes it more like home. :) And after that get to my figure displays! :)

Work is going fine, but it's becoming less fun the more I work from home, I think we talked before about me having to be in phone calls all day and it's really taking a toll on my ears and getting headaches now. :(

The health insurance, I coincidentally called them last week, to ask what is up...they informed me that they are extra delayed (of course) and that it can take up to 4 months more. As some of my medicine I took with me from my home country will be running out in a couple of months, I think I will have to get in contact with my employer soon to ask if their health insurance can be of any help in this situation...

As for PayPal, it's very strange. From PayPal's side it seems fine, but some shops/organizations keep telling me some parts look blocked on their side. I guess I will find out if it really works or not once I get back to selling again and people would pay me on my PayPal account.

How is it in your area? Are shops and restaurants getting opened again? In my home country they opened everything back up starting May and they hope to let as much festivals and events go through in summer...sounds to me like it will become a mess there. :( In comparison, Finland might be a bit too protective? Right now it seems like the earliest we could go back to our office is August, but more realistically November...

Well to look at it from a positive side, at least both of us are still receiving a stable income! So much people are screwed with either overload as an essential worker or being jobless... I feel lucky to be in the middle ground.

Yeah call centers are the worst customer support because most people reaching out to you have an issue or something to complain about. >.< The best callers to me would be the people with weird questions where you really had to go like 'huh, I actually have to research how that works' haha! And oh, seems like secret shopper jobs are just as shady in the USA then.. :/ I don't like jobs where I have to pay things upfront (I've had issues with that before of companies expecting me to pay high hotel and travel costs and it could take 1-3 paychecks before I would receive it back...). The risk of getting scammed out of money becomes way too high.

Nope, and not planning on soon. I actually am writing a bit about that in a blog I plan on uploading this week (about my Elin cosplay project walktrough). I had to be very selective with what I could take with my on my emigration and when I had to make choices, taking my collectibles with me was more important than old costumes and material and tools to make costumes with. So a lot of stuff got trashed/donated/sold for cheap. I don't have much 'ready to wear' cosplay outfits right now. I do have a 50% finished next cosplay project, which I am planning on finishing and photoshooting with here, though! But as I want to make sure I first got everything unpacked (including my collection), working again on cosplay will take some more time.

I actually have on my Dutch passport as 'call name' Maakie and as full name my given name. :) But unfortunately by the Finnish immigration system it was not accepted as they don't agree with 'call names' (it apparently does not exist here?). As I'm busy with other paperwork here it's of really low priority, my job accepted my explanation for the other name use and I assume in at least personal life most people wouldn't make too big of a deal from it. It's only for the official documents that I have to use my given name.

I feel like...we can't plan anything anymore for 2020... My only plans for this year are in September my sister her wedding and in October a vacation I booked a year ago (before we had even any clue about corona becoming a thing). Even though both are still many months away I feel like they are both going to be cancelled... 

I don't know about you but with the whole Corona scare, even if things open up again, I will be way more hesitant than before with going to buffets, shopping in supermarkets, going to busy events in general...I think I really need to see some more numbers/proof that the world is really safe before I am comfortable in busy places again.

Oh! Monte Carlo, I never went there myself, but it seems very cool! Similar to San Marino hidden away in Italy! :D About the museums in Paris: I think the Mona Lisa is very overrated...it's pretty, but it's so small and you have to keep a huge distance from it. Nice I never went to myself, would love to check it out someday, but I have so much places in Europe higher on my to-visit-list, haha!

Those poppy fields look very cute! But as they remind me of flower fields from my own country they don't wow me as much as people from areas where not so much flowers grow (I guess). xD I'm more impressed when I see high mountains and big canyons because those are things totally not existing in my home country. I'm already surprised by the big hills here in Finland. Our apartment complex is from one side of the road ground floor and the other side 1st. :D
14 giorno/i fa
Thanks for the gif too! Oh! While lurking around on your profile, I saw your beginners guide to Vocaloid songs and I feel like such an idiot for recommending my friend Miku's iconic (and older) songs. I only chose her older songs because they were the songs I grew up with back when I was 10. On the bright side though, I did also recommend my friend Mitchie M since he tunes his Vocaloids realistically.

The Vulpix plush you showed in that one article about plushies is really adorable! Are you a Vulpix fan? I see we both want that 1/1 Alolan Vulpix plush grail! If only she was cheap...

Looking forwarding to Water Prism figure too! She'll match well with my Little Mermaid figure and this upcoming Otohime figure. I'll have a Fuzichoco water themed trio! (˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈) ♡ Ah, the dreams.
14 giorno/i fa
Hi! I know we had a few conversations before, so I am finally brave enough to send you a FR. Have a lovely day and here's a free Miku!
15 giorno/i fa
Kotone bunny right now isn’t as much as other figure. maybe u can go ahead and make the purchased. But she will be a bit lonely without Erika bunny or u can wait for Nitra yui bunny also. native/binding figure is the best...
24 giorno/i fa
Hi, glad u have made a decision to get momo bunny cause u cancel anytime from now til before the release date.
Since Erika is ur favorite character, why won’t u order her too ? Especially Erika bunny at 1/4 scale, it will look amazing at ur desk or by your computer...

Ami ami Erika bunny cost the same as buying brand new on lunar store, think is 40 dollar difference. Shipping form Japan now is very expensive due to covid19.

Hm.. we will see if I might open one figure and display it, but once I open, It isn’t new/unopen...
1 mese/i fa
Hi, still I do recommend u preorder mono bunny, even if u change ur mind before December then u can cancel it or regert it later and trying to buy it at 2X the price.

I may sell +/- 30% of what I have later on just to make space, I may open a few cause I do have double and triple on some of the figure, I did preorder 3 Erika bunny but decide I cancel two and just keep 1 instead, kinda regert it though... reason is I can open one and have second seal/unopen.
1 mese/i fa
Hi I’m sorry on Hatsune miku bunny 1/4 scale, I did some search for u, every where is sold out and the new one are available at a higher price 700+, is too expensive and way over price for her, I recommend stay away or be prepare to burn your wallet if she is ur gotta have it bunny figure... the 3rd choice is preorder mono bunny to easy ur wallet.

Eventually u will run out of room even if u have ur own place so choice ur figure wisely, bunny figure is way to go even if u ask me ;p

99% of My entire collection of figures is never open/ original sealed, only one bunny figure I received it’s seal seem to be temple with so I open it up and inspect just to check it, one of the 1/7 figure box have slightly/ very minor box damage, and 3 figure was borrowed off on my figure collection.com, the previous owner said is new/unopened, so I inspect the box when I receive it but not open the box seals.
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