I sell all my collection except that of Tsume, PM Me ;)
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Awesome seller! Super nice and polite, very meticolous in preparing the package sending pictures of every single step, figure was perfect and price was fair! Truly reccomended! :)
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Would highly recommend this seller! I've ordered twice from them now, both orders being quite large with multiple figures! They are incredibly friendly, patient, communicative and very nice to deal with! They look after packages very well and do a very good job in protecting the items they ship! One of my packages suffered rain damage due to my postal service's negligence but becasue of their superb job in packaging everything the figure boxes themselves suffered no damage! Would certainly buy fro them again!
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My inbox is empty tho?? I did delete all my messages
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Wait really?? But I cleared my inbox earlier ;-; I'll send you a message to see if you can reply to it!
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Totally recommend as a seller. Sent pictures of the figurines & their boxes and of the package before shipping. Very professional imo :) Fast shipping and fast responses. I'm happy <3
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You gave me happy birthday 6 years ago, and I just saw it now, so ..

Thank you! haha xD
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Great seller. Safety package very good prices i totaly recommend him :) got very beautiful figurines for my collection :)

Wish you all the best :)
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Bon anniversaire !! :D
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Check your inbox
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woah, long time since i be here. i didn't even thank you properly.

thank you for your wish.

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PVC anime figure store.


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