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How do you like my banner? All pink and with Sakura blossoms! ^^

It's David_Mcnab aka David Mcnab here! ^^

I also go by several other names like:

  • Deibimanabu (or Deibi Manabu)
  • Greatkazooman (or GKM)
  • Souji Monaru (my pen-name)

I came up with the pen-name - it means what my real name means, but in Japanese!
  • David = "beloved son" & Mcnab = "son of the abbot";
    therefore, "beloved son of the abbot" = 僧子最愛 (Souji Monaru/Souko Saiai)

As you could probably tell merely by checking out the collections I have on the page here, I love Japan! Drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, watching videos or creating stuff, it's mostly Japanese-related for me! I've been very interested in these things for over 18 years, and have amassed lots of figures and knowledge about anime and/or the Japanese culture.

I lived in Japan from 1998-2000, and was able to see first-hand what it was like to live and breathe Japan - it was an amazing experience, and for those who have done or are doing the same, I am glad to have been one of you. I just adore anime stuff and so I draw it a lot (mostly my own characters, but sometimes other stuff...including cartoon characters), and have come a long way since 1994 when I first started. Of course, my love of anime started way back from earliest childhood, but as many of us out there, I didn't know it was Japanese at the time. Now that I know, I seek more of it all the time! That's primarily why I also collect figures...

* * * * *
Nendoroids!! These were all I had less than a year ago!

Well, as for figures, I am mainly a Nendoroid fanatic, but I also love to buy and collect the larger figures too. In fact, I first started my collecting days as a rabid large-scale figure collector, but since money and space are hard to come by for me these days, I turned towards my one-time hate Nendoroids!

Yes, I was first disgusted by Nendoroids as I never wanted companies to make action figures and forget to make the scale ones. As it turns out, I (as of writing: 2010-12-10) now own 76 of these little darlings, and I am more than happy that I turned when I did! From the photo in the banner there with only ten Nendos (with Watarase Jun in the background! ^^) to 76 of them - it's certainly been one strange but fun ride! I decided to aim for the entire lot of them, and I hope to one day say that I have them all.

In regards to scale figures, I still have kept the majority of them I had before, but the rest are ready for selling or for giving away. I don't really care for a lot of the figures I used to want, so these 'not wanted' ones are just taking up precious space. It's a shame, but I just don't care about them like I used to.

* * * * *
My character Kiseki has been through quite a lot in just one year! ^^

As you can also see, I love to draw, and the girl at the top banner and the one just above is my character Kiseki.

For those of you who don't know, Kiseki is a Japanese word/name:

  • it can mean 'wonder/miracle' - 奇跡
  • it can mean 'tracks (railway)' - 軌跡
  • it could also mean 'pyroxene/augite' - 輝石
  • or it could have been 'join the majority/pass away' - 鬼籍
  • but straight 'Kiseki' is the one I use - キセキ

But her name does mean 'wonder/miracle' in this case. Wow, did that bore anyone? ^^; Hopefully not...

Anyway, I have been drawing for 28 years, but only anime for 16 of those. I just started drawing anime purely because I loved the details like folds in clothes and the way they conveyed emotions through little expression. I first tried to copy the style of a character from Y's 3 that I had a picture of that I had saved, and then onto Rieze from Secret of Mana and then I started to draw Tenchi Muyo characters. I've since drawn characters like Inspector Gadget, Gadget from Rescue Rangers and Hatsune Miku as well, and I have always got plans to draw more famous characters, but little time to do it in!

I've actually drawn Emma Watson too - real style of course...

I have created many of my own characters (the ID picture is an original - unnamed), and have the desire to maybe create an anime or game with them involved someday. Kiseki of course being my mascot character can be in any of the creations I make, but others would need to be as they were intended. As for Kiseki, I have tried a few times to make a flash-site for her, but I've gone off the rails more than once from the intended project. It's still on the cards however.

* * * * *
Anyway, that's about it for my little spiel about who I am and what I do - be sure to catch more of my reviews on the figures I own, and more photos of course! ^_~

Yes, that is me there - a little camera-shy! ^^



Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
David_Mcnab6 anno/i fa#1821485Um, sorry, but I love them, and I will never sell them. I use the cushion cover (in fact most of my cushion covers are sitting on cushions in my room), and the towel isn't used but still being kept.
Sorry! But thanks for the interest! :)

Aww ok too bad i just tried it anyways :3 !

No x3 have fun with them
6 anno/i fa
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Heey there
Been wondering if youre willing to part with dome louise goodies?
Like ITEM #49041 and the towel?
6 anno/i fa
Sorry for not being here for a while, but thanks guys for the good wishes! ^_^ I'm still kicking and am now focused more on the goods side of collecting, but I get the odd figure now and then. I love the goods though! Got some rulers and clear files ordered and more on the way! :D
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♫♪♥ happy birthday ~
7 anno/i fa
Happy birthday :D
7 anno/i fa
Happy Birthday :)
7 anno/i fa
Hi, sorry to intrude on your profile, but I just got a Charinko Rider (nendoroid n. 021), and I was thinking if you managed to figure out how to use the extra glasses that come with her? I tried everything, but have no idea on how they'd fit her face =.=""""
Are they even suposed to be for a nendoroid? o.o""""
8 anno/i fa
Very nice Nendoroids collection!
I hope they would make a Kos-Mos Nendoroid :)
8 anno/i fa
Risayla ◔‸◔
Happy Birthday! ^_~
8 anno/i fa
Happy Birthday! ^^
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