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Hello Visitors!

You can call me Axew or Dan. Axew because my Gaiaonline Account is that user name, or by Dan since that is my name on my youtube channel! Anyways, I love collecting figures. I only started a couple years ago (2012), so I am pretty new at this, but I am so deep into collecting that it's crazy. My inspiration is something around the time that Panty and Stocking With GarterBelt (PSG) aired. I was very much into Angels and Demons. Loving the show didn't seek like enough, and that is when I came a crossed the merchandise and figures. I immediately fell in love with Sega Stocking. She ended up to be my first figure. She was pretty expensive due to she was the only figure of her at the time that represented her well. But she was the gateway to figure hell! I researched and researched and researched about figures. I discovered HobbySearch and trusted preordering through them my first year. My first preordered figure was Anarchy Panty from Alter. I was not a fan of Sega's Panty figure. Doing that, I realized how amazing Alter was as a company. I found more companies that were great in their own way as well. I browsed through all the current figures of the time and searched for character I liked in hopes they would have a nice scale figure. Now I don't know who I got next after Sega Stocking but it was either Alter's Panty or Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus. I learned from buying them that 1/8 scale figure can compare pretty different from different companies and not all figures will look great next to each other. But even so, I kept loving figures.
My personal list of my favorite companies go as follow: Alter, Max Factory, Goodsmile Company.
Something like that anyways. Lol.
This is an expensive hobby I realize when I trap my self financially. It's not fun either. But I do manage. My boyfriend, John, also loves buying figures. We are starting to buy more equally so I don't have to get everything since he helps me buy my beauties. John is a gamer through a lot of Playstation titles. He loves the snowboarding ones, shooting ones, and cute JRPG ones. I am also somewhat of a gamer too. I grew up with Nintendo. I started my life through the SNES and Nintendo64. My dad, who liked and appreciated gaming, bought many things for me. I was and continue to be spoiled that way. I love Pokemon, Super Mario, Animal Crossing, James Bond, and JRPGs too. I also watched tons of anime. John didn't used to, but he watches anime with me all the time. I am so fortunate to have him and I am so thankful.
I am a college student thinking about getting into Computer Science, but anything is possible at this point. I've learned that a college career path is a rough draft until you get into the program. I am still working on my Generals so I have time to think. My favorite subject is Math. My daily agenda is something like this: College + Work + Gym + This = Not Fun. *Cries* Mehhhh
But Yeah, if you found me interesting, please feel free to send me a PM. I am talkative, open-minded, and filled with positive and love. ^~^

As mentioned before, I have a Youtube Channel. My channel is all about anime! Please check it out!


I also have other affiliations! Please check those out as well!!!




Thanks for reading my fellow otaku cuties <3
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Contact me if you are still interested in Deep Sea Girl) selling it fast
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Yes, she’s still available
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MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
happy birthday!!
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freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday! :D
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MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Happy birthday!! * ~
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Dbonn12 (1 anno/i fa) #26952461It was a year ago. Pretty old but I found it while searching for information on Tsume shipping, lol
Here is the post: club/72/discuss...

For the post a year ago, they shipped via TNT, and TNT did the final delivery as well.
However, my most recent shipping from them, Hashirama HQS was shipped via DHL Express, with DHL doing the final delivery.
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Dbonn12 (1 anno/i fa) #26949630Hello. I saw a year old post about a Tsume figure and their shipping. Did you figure out more information about their shipping to the United States. Did it arrive UPS? Was there tracking on the shipping box?

How long ago was this post of mine?
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Hey there! Your inbox is full, so I just wanted to say if you're still interested in the Doudanuki plush I'd be happy to send you photos.
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I love your profile picture <3
He's my favorite out of all the designs of the Touken Ranbu characters, though I do love me some Tombokiri too :P
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