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sales on hold due to staying home during covid19! sorry!!
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Intrested in buying kenma from you!
1 giorno/i fa
I understand you're staying home due to COVID but if you have any information I'd greatly appreciate it! I noticed that you own the Mikan Tsumiki set 1 figure and was interested in knowing if you're willing to sell her. Thanks for your time!
5 giorno/i fa
Hey your inbox was full but I was wondering if you're still selling your Shujinkou figma because I'm interested in buy it.
5 giorno/i fa
Hi, your inbox is full but I want to know if you still have for sale your Shinji and kaworu figures. Thanks :)
9 giorno/i fa
ur inbox is full so i cannot reply regarding your panty stocking purchase
18 giorno/i fa
Hi, your inbox is full but I was seeing if you still have your Yu Narukami figma. Thanks :)
27 giorno/i fa
Hi, not sure if my PM went through but I was interested in your Kenma figure :)
28 giorno/i fa
Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I sent you a pm about one of your figures and I was wondering if you got it?
2 mese/i fa
your inbox is full again lol but thanks again for sale. Will enjoy having both sisters now :D
4 mese/i fa
hi I like your collection, I know it may be a longshot due to sale date but was wondering if the scale of Ryuuko was still available. Your inbox was full and figure wasn't listed as sold so sorry to bother you this way. Would appreciate if you got back to me on that thanks.
4 mese/i fa
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