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  • Sent you a PM!
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    fishjoke Master of the Ways
    Arrived in excellent condition! Thanks again for an easy transaction!
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    Tried to send you a message but your inbox is full
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    Sent a message! :)
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    wanted to ask if you were still selling wedding emilia or any other rezero figures
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    Hey, just wanted to say I sent you a message.
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    MonkeySoup-OP Mr. モンキースープ
    Sent a message!
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    The Kokoro FOTS figure is in storage somewhere but I'll be sure to get you some pictures when I can. Sorry!
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    Hello! Sent you a message wondering if you still have the Haruka (May) figure for sale?? Thanks
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    Hi your inbox is full. I'm interested in your Suzuha Amane Alter figure. Do you have a picture of it?
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