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To whoever is reading this,

I enjoyed my time here on MFC a lot. I made some great friends and had many wonderful encounters as I loved sharing a new hobby I loved using my weird imagination with my figures.

But let's just say I fucked that all up.

Yeah, plenty of people liked me and enjoyed what I did, but it's safe to say that now I am no longer welcomed here.

I will no longer stay on MFC or return in any way. It is certainly not worth trying to restore what I've completely destroyed or worth risking my psychiatric health in the process. Time to abandon this sinking ship.

Thank you all for a great five months and investing in me, and I'm sorry that I brought darkness onto a safe haven that is everyone's get away from reality. I hope by me now being gone, everyone can be happy since the jester devil exiled herself out of paradise.

I'm sorry.

Take care, and have a great rest of your days, from the bottom of my heart.
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