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Hey, guys! Or to whoever is reading this.

This was my original account from when I first joined MFC back in January, and everything was going great ... until I made a pretty big mistake in the first week of June, where I shared a very personal experience that I shouldn't have (on a figure website mainly), and it brought some raging fire at my way.

I was convinced I wasn't welcomed here anymore, but after taking over a month-long vacation from the Internet and speaking to some folks on here who actually knew me for who I am, I'll be staying around here on MFC. Honestly, I love this place too much. It is very fun to use as a way to share our collections and imagination with others. I wish I kept my articles so you could see how much fun I had.

While I am sure that I will probably encounter some of the sour people who knew me for that mistake of an article I wrote, the ones who know me for my passions and joy of sharing smiles and laughs will overcome those spiky hurdles, as that's something I've noticed.

Regardless of how cringy others consider anything Deltarune-related (actually I'm not even all that nuts for it, just a huge fangirl of Jevil), I will proudly still have Jevil as my name and persona, for he means a lot to me and best represents my creative spirit. That will never die.

It sucks that I'll have to start over again, but I'm ready to come back, better than ever, and make improvements to my first run here.

Thank you all for the sweet words and feedback I've received back when I was active here. It means so much to me! You've helped me see that not all mistakes condemn a person to exile, as long as the one who made it learns and corrects it.

See you all soon! And never forget ... YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!
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