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24 • Gender Non-conforming • Dark in attire, but I'm a happy little mouse regardless • I look spoopy but I ain't gonna bite • Leader/Founder of the Kaneki Did Nothing Wrong Committee and the Kaneki Defense Squad • Beware: I swear • Yaoi/BL super-fan • Rodent-obsessed • Owner of Kairi, a female Russian Blue Rex Dumbo dwarf rat, Axel, a male Dominant Spot Chinese hamster, and Annalise, a young Champagne Berkshire Dumbo dwarf rat • Owned 20 rodents over 15 years • Lover of anything gory, bloody, dark, gothic, spoopy, creepy, freaky, disturbing, or full of fluffy hamsters or other floofy cuteness/equivalent • Permanent yaoi obsession: Ten Count • I'm a 24 year old emo/goth and my room is filled with countless fluffy cute plushies and I do not care • I entered BakuDekuHell • HALLOWEEN IS NOT A SINGLE DAY IT IS A WAY OF LIFE • The way to my heart is food, especially sweets or pasta • I have no self control when it comes to hamsters or rodents. You have been warned • Do not question my kinks when it comes to yaoi as thou may not be prepared for thy innocence to be swiped • If you are wondering, yes, I have watched Corpse Party, Higurashi, and I am familiar with Junji Ito and Deino, as well as Masa's Onibi series • The more murder the better • I dated for the first time in my life at age 23, and he ended up being inadvertantly abusive. If your health/body is at risk from/by your partner, don't do what I did and stay quiet. I lost over half of my body weight (I was 160, I lost 40+lbs in 30 days 160 - 113) because he felt I ate unhealthy, and forced me to eat what he ate, which would only make me vomit, ending up with me being on essentially a liquid diet. That is only one occurrence out of many, as the story is long, but even though he wasn't physically harming me, mental abuse comes in many forms, and in my case, it was an unsuspecting form. My case: helping but doing it wrong and it ends up harmful, but he saw nothing wrong with it, that is what made it abusive, among many, many other things. Don't stay silent, because others can see, but only you can do anything, speaking or otherwise.
Read my 18+ abominations on AO3: Pills
My most popular work on AO3 appears to be Blood Baby, a BNHA BakuDeku AU 18+ fanfic. It was also my very first BKDK fic and it literally exploded overnight.

Kaneki did nothing wrong.


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10 Count, Hetalia (Dubbed, only for accents), Kuroshitsuji, Tokyo Ghoul, Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosareteimasu, Jigoku Shoujo, Parasyte, Jigoku Shoujo
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