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Kotobukiya was first opened by Jusaburo Shimizu in Japan in 1947 and began as a single toy store for dolls. In 1953, together with his two brothers, Mr. Shimizu re-created his sole proprietorship into a limited liability company.

While continuing to focus on retail sales, Kotobukiya's first venture into original products as a model kit manufacturer began in 1983 with Armament. This was then followed up by its very first licensed kit, King Godzilla, in 1985.

Kotobukiya's first foray into the non-kit business was in May of 1989 with the release of soft vinyl statues and active styling figures (now known as ARTFX statues). Since then, the company has increased its lineup to include fully assembled and painted resin statues (Fine Art statues), Bishoujo (pretty girl) statues and 1:10 scale ARTFX+ statues, to name a few.



Hey, do you guys think you could toss up some official shots of the Harley Quinn ArtFX figure on your twitter or something? The only pics I've seen are screen-grabs of the pics from the stream, which aren't great quality.
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Reissues of the Yu Yu Hakusho figures would be nice. Hunter x Hunter and Inu Yasha figures should join the ARTFX J line. I would celebrate that.
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More Street Fighter Bishoujo! Especially of Elena and Makoto.
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can you make a bishoujo of Ahsoka Tano, from Star Wars: Clone Wars?
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Any chance you will have a rerun for Nightwing Ikemen? :(
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I was wondering of the reasons why the cu-poche line have had so many delays the past year and the lack of announcements of any new figure
Is this line dead? nothing new announced and plenty delays makes me worry about the future of this line
I'm aware that with the outbreak that is happening now, many toy companies will be affected in the future, but the cu-poche line was suffering even before this was a thing
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Hey, just had an idea I wanted to share. Your bishoujo lines are great, and I was thinking a kaiju line would be really cool. Mothra, Godzilla, you know. I think people would like it.
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Shikikan_Dawn Waifu laifu
Kotobukiya is definitely in my top five figure companies. Keep up the fantastic work, folks! <3
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Any chance Kotobukiya will be re-releasing Grell Sutcliff of the ARTFX J line? ITEM #236265
So many fans would love it! :D
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Sooooooo, what are the odds of your Lum Invader figure being reissued now that Urusei Yatsura is being published in the US?
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